The Face Of Bach

(excerpts from the  research by Teri Noel Towe)

In September 2014, I downloaded, shortened and streamlined mr. Teri Noel Towe's pages on the face of Bach (downloaded from the 'way-backmachine'). A little later Aryeh Oron informed me that mr. Towe's webpages found a new host on 'his' website: bach-cantatas.com. That's the Authorised Version. It circles around the discovery of the the Weydenhammer portrait (fragment) of J.S. Bach (Bach in his late fourties ? It's the basis of the animated gif you see to the left. More on this intriguing 'new' portrait (fragment from a larger painting) below sub. 1

1. the Weydenhammer portrait: link
2. the Erfurt Bach (supposedly the young Bach, aka Weimar Concertmeister, not JS Bach), link
3. the 1746 Haussmann link
4. and the 1748 Haussmann, link
5. the 'Volbach' portrait (according to mr. Towe this is the old Bach)... link

As an extra: portraits of four of Bach's sons

Erfurt Bach
or not?

Haussmann 1746
overpaint removed
Haussmann 1748
copy or original?
the old Bach?
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